Course Details

Wilderness First Aid Coordinating Instructions 

18-19 May 2019


Camp Westmoreland 

Camp Westmoreland Rd, Florence, AL 35634  

Students will be tent camping in the area around the Westmoreland dining hall.  The latrine/shower building will be open for use.  You can drop off any gear you need from your car, then park your car on the road leading to the dining hall.  Course staff will be based out of the dining hall. 

If you live within easy driving distance of Camp Westmoreland, feel free to just drive to class each day and not camp.  You could also choose to get a hotel room on Florence.  We will start on time whether you are there or not. 


Friday Night

    • 3pm: Course Staff arrive at Westmoreland for setup 
    • 5pm: Camping area open for students 
    • 6-9pm: Check-in  


    • 7am: Breakfast on your own. 
    • 7am: Check-in if you didn’t do so on Friday 
    • 8am: Class starts 
    • 12pm: Lunch.  Please pack a sack lunch to save time. 
    • 1pm: Class starts 
    • 5pm: Class ends 
    • 5 – 6pm: Dinner on your own.  
  • 6-8pm: CPR/AED skills testing. 


    • 7am: Breakfast on your own.  
    • 8am: Class starts 
    • 12pm: Lunch.  Please pack a sack lunch to save time. 
    • 1pm: Class starts 
    • 4pm: Written test 
    • 5pm: Graduation 

 Clothing:  No Scout uniforms, blood tends to be spilled in these events (ok, food dye and corn syrup).  Wear clothing you can get dirty and would be ok to get “blood” or grease paint splattered on.  Based on number of Scouts we have volunteering to be patients, I may need to grab 2-3 students per scenario to act as patients.  If it is raining, we will still be outside executing the scenarios so be prepared.   

Gear: Students should bring a daypack with water and the other 9 essentials.  Feel free to bring your fist aid kit, however, we are providing the first aid supplies needed for the scenarios.  You may want additional first aid material, such as things needed to build an improvised stretcher in the field.  Some previous students wished they had brought a folding saw and more material to pad splints.  If you would like one of our instructors to go through your fist aid kit make recommendations we would be happy to do so.   

Food: Students are on their own for food.  We will have water and coffee available.  There will be time to get breakfast and dinner in town or you can cook at the campsite.  Please back a lunch for both days.  You are welcome to eat snacks and have a drink with you at all times. 

Medical: All students need to bring their BSA Physical, parts A & B, with them.  Even if the physical is expired please bring it.  One of the WFA instructors will need to review it during course check-in. 

Scenarios: Please treat the scenarios seriously and act like you would during a real emergency.  The scenarios are run in real time, and take about 2 hours each.  The scenarios are designed to be a bit stressful.